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Nov 07

The worst day of the year

Tomorrow is election day and so, of course, my son will be staying overnight tonight with a babysitter so that Stevens and I can be at our volunteer posts at 0530 in the cold, dark morning.

We’ll be at our posts all day (with a short break to go to our own polling place to …

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Aug 24

Well, it looks like I have to add another link to my blog roll

My husband took a new gig. WHICH I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT BEFORE-HAND.

I think, actually, I approve.


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Apr 12

While we’re discussing the door-knocking season

There’s one possible candidate who won’t be needing me to canvass for him this year.

Stevens, I couldn’t be prouder of all the work you’ve done for Loudoun and Virginia the last few years. Thank you for letting me be part of it.

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Jan 22

Where I’ll Be

(from epluribus unum’s posts on Loudoun Progress and Equality Loudoun)

“Loudoun Out Loud Kickoff:

Leave a comment below if you want to attend.

A bit of background: As recently as 2005, some members of the Loudoun County School Board were discussing a policy that would have prohibited the presentation by our public school drama departments …

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Dec 11


INVITE DETAILS“Cherish Choice – A Woman’s Constitutional Right Under Attack in Virginia”-What you need to know that’s happening, and an opportunity for action to defend a woman’s right of choice. So please join us for champagne, hors d’oeuvres, a concert violinist, and an informal conversation on a most distressing issue — Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s …

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Sep 23

Stevens has a blog!

Read about his thoughts on Boehner’s visit to Loudoun!

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Aug 19

It’s a small county

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Mar 13

Phone banking for Cesar del Aguila

That’s what we’ll be doing a bit later this afternoon. Why don’t you join us?

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Mar 03

Watch the BOS finance committee!


Impressions so far:

Is Lori Waters serious? SELL land in this market? Still focusing on building stadia for schools while we’re having difficulty providing basic services? GET REAL. Where are her priorities?

YES, kids need places to play, but (at the risk of sounding very “get off my lawn-ish”) my high school football team …

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Mar 02

Don’t forget that you can watch the BOS streaming live


My observations on today’s meeting:

10:04 AM: Is DELGAUDIO recommending taxing people? Creating a whole NEW tax? Goodness gracious me!

10:10 AM: Kelly Burke Burk never remembers to turn off her cell phone. (ETA, and I never remember to leave off that last e. Sorry, Supervisor Burk!)

10:20 AM: I don’t have an opinion …

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