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May 23


Boy, I love doing doors.

I hadn’t realized how much I miss knocking on doors. I love meeting people again, and talking about Virginia politics.

Just this past week, I’ve knocked hundreds of doors, gotten signatures from almost everybody who was at home, even Republicans. Women are excited to have a woman on the ballot. …

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Sep 24

Door report

I went out walking for Obama over the weekend! On Saturday, I walked with a long-time friend and we did two 35-door packs together, and then I did a 26-door pack alone. On Sunday, I went out with a new friend and we did a pack of 75 doors together. It was terrific being out …

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Aug 29

Umm…does anyone have any wooden doors for me to knock on?

North Carolina moves from “lean Romney” to “toss-up” in a CNN poll.

North Carolina now becomes the ninth state CNN considers a true toss up, joining Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

The GOP is saying that they could win without Florida, which is probably NOT what they would like to …

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Jan 13

“Obama opposes laws ‘designed to take rights away’”

Or so he said to The Blade about New Hampshire’s possible vote to repeal Marriage Equality there.

I’m glad he’s taken this stance.

Too bad he doesn’t stand with women against the record number of anti-choice (including anti-birth control) laws that were enacted last year. His silence on this has been deafening.

I knocked on …

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Nov 22

The ugly truth about doors

bruised toe nail

Is that this is what can happen if you’re not wearing the right shoes. And the uglier truth is, my cold-weather shoes are just not up for the job.

On Saturday, November 5, I wore my Land’s End fleece-lined mocs. Good for all normal purposes, these shoes were made for strolling, taking in the sights …

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Nov 07

The worst day of the year

Tomorrow is election day and so, of course, my son will be staying overnight tonight with a babysitter so that Stevens and I can be at our volunteer posts at 0530 in the cold, dark morning.

We’ll be at our posts all day (with a short break to go to our own polling place to …

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Oct 03

A First

I had the strangest experience yesterday. I was talking to a registered voter in the Oak Grove district about Cliff Keirce (Independent!) and then briefly talked about Jennifer Wexton and Mike Kondratick (Democrats!) and the voter said,

“What about the Republicans?”

And I said,

“Well, I haven’t got any of his literature, but I’m voting …

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Jul 05

Now THAT’s what I’m talking about

Cliff knocked 151 doors yesterday.

Jennifer Wexton’s been out every day (though she needs to post about it more!)

Shanyn Ronis is wearing her shoes out.

I’m so proud of my canvassing proteges! Keep it up!

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Jul 04

Origin story

Back in 2009, I got into a competition with Stevens’s campaign staff. Whoever knocked more doors than me would be eligible to win a Nintendo DS donated by my mom.

I started blogging the number of doors I did each day. And I started tweeting while canvassing. At the time, I blogged and tweeted as …

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Jul 02


Went walking with Cliff Keirce today knocking on the doors of single family homes here in the Oak Grove precinct. Did 81 doors, got 30 signatures, and a promise of a house party. All in less than 3.5 hours. That’s about 23 doors an hour.

We need to pick up the speed a bit, …

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