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Oct 24

I love this video

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Oct 22

On Joe Walsh.


Watch October 18, 2012 – Web Extra: Joe Walsh Press Conference on PBS. See more from Chicago Tonight.

I was going to write a post about Rep. Joe Walsh’s ignorant comments about abortion but then I read …

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Oct 05

So Do Those Donors Get Their Money Back?



Mitt Romney is using his Etch A Sketch again. Today, he’s shaking it as hard as he can in a hail-Mary attempt to undo the revelation damage caused when video emerged of him saying to wealthy donors that he didn’t care about 47% of Americans, because we think of ourselves as victims.

Inconvenient truth? …

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Oct 01

Ann Romney on Mitt Romney


In an interview with KTVN Channel 2 Nevada, Ann Romney said she was concerned about Mitt,



 “I think my biggest concern obviously would be for his mental well being…for me I think it would be the emotional part of it.”

Is this a real concern for Ann, or is it her way …

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Sep 13

Email from a friend on Romney and his statement about the death of US citizens serving their country abroad

Liz says, “I received this email yesterday, and asked permission from the sender to promote it to a post. My friend gave me permission to post it anonymously.

Romney is blaming Obama for the death of the US Ambassador to Libya. CNN’s paragraph on it is stunning:

“It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first …

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Sep 12

Here’s what I didn’t talk about yesterday


  • Why does Paul Ryan (and the congressional Republicans) hate America?
  • Did you know Ryan is still running for Congress? He’s running an ad and everything.
  • Nice friend you’ve got there, Mitt –> Pat Robertson thinks a guy should move to Saudi Arabia so he can beat his wife. Note: the guy complains …

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Aug 26


Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, died yesterday. He was a true American hero, and the world is a poorer place today without him.

We also lost Jerry Nelson, the puppeteer who was the voice of The Count and Herry Monster, last week. The Count was one of my …

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Aug 24

Todd Akin is an embarrassment to the party…you’re getting sleepy

Once again, Roy Zimmerman puts to music what I’ve been yelling about all week.

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Jul 30

Delgaudio spotting

Here he is at what he says is his local Chick-Fil-A, misspelling his own website.












Recently, he was spotted downtown, singing about the Boyscouts.


And here he is on tv, claiming that someone else may have sent the mailer that came from the …

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Jul 24

I love this ad

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