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Jan 08

First sentences

It’s way past the end of December when I normally do a “first sentences” post about the first sentence of the first post of each month for the year. But! Better late than never!

  • January: A thought on property rights.

This post contained just one sentence. Here it is.

“Why is it that …

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Jul 05

Wow, are those grapes sour enough for you? (Updated)

The posts at Too Conservative are high in vinegar content the last couple of days. But lo! I have reasons for you to rejoice with me that Metro is coming to Loudoun! Americans Driving Less, Especially Young Men, Metro to Loudoun is important if we want to keep our community vibrant, and if we want …

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Jun 29

Too snarky?

From a discussion on Too Conservative:

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Jun 26

Because Greg Stone is intellectually lazy

Greg Stone says in a comment below on my post Amusing Juxtaposition,

Liz, Liz, Liz. Basing your statement or opinion of my position based on one small snippet and not the entire address, or all of my addresses to date is to be expected. Ommission and creative assertions won’t cut it.

Search around a bit …

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