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Apr 06

Lemonade. Out. My. NOSE

The World's Best Finance Director, Bar None, asks for advice

The World’s Best Campaign Manager, Bar None, posted this picture of The World’s Best Finance Director, Bar None, on Facebook today.

And now my life is complete.

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Mar 10

Limbaugh loses over 50 advertisers, American Heart Association won’t even take free time on his show.

That’s right, Rush is having trouble giving time away on his show.

Over at Shakesville, the question came up, why now? Why is this the thing that is finally making Rush too toxic to touch?

And this was my answer,

I think there’s a couple of things that make it different this time,

1) …

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Feb 07

BREAKING!!! Prop 8 in California ruled unconstitutional!!

The Ninth District panel ruled that taking away the existing rights of a minority is not kosher. Read the whole story at Prop8TrialTracker.

The ruling applies only to California’s special circumstances, but if it stands, it could put the kibosh on efforts in states like Iowa and New Hampshire to repeal marriage equality.

The proponents …

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Jan 25

A little background on yesterday’s post

So, I have this friend, Steve Mahofski from Pittsburgh. Steve, say hi to my blog readers!

Steve Mahofski: hello to everyone !

He and I were having a terrific conversation on facebook. As usual, we started off talking about movies, and movie theatres, and then the conversation shifted to Newt. And yesterday’s post was taken …

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Jan 16

Deep thoughts

Two facets of my volunteering life clashed last week, and I just wanted to say how pleased I was by the response I got from one facet when I brought up my concerns that had been informed by the other facet.

I can’t really get clearer than that right now. Maybe I will be able …

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Jan 13

“Obama opposes laws ‘designed to take rights away’”

Or so he said to The Blade about New Hampshire’s possible vote to repeal Marriage Equality there.

I’m glad he’s taken this stance.

Too bad he doesn’t stand with women against the record number of anti-choice (including anti-birth control) laws that were enacted last year. His silence on this has been deafening.

I knocked on …

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Dec 09

This. THIS.

Why isn’t this guy running for President?

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Nov 27

Happy Birthday Tony Barney!!!

May you have many, many more.

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Nov 15

Mill Run is recycling old athletic shoes

Being your old sneakers, gym shoes, tennies, running shoes (or whatever you called ‘em as a kid) to Mill Run Elementary. Nike will recycle them into playground surfaces!

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Sep 22

Cliff Keirce in the news!

Terrific article on Cliff in the Ashburn Patch. My favorite part?

Keirce sees Metro’s extension into Loudoun as a pivotal hook to bring new businesses to the area, and he fully supports the project.

“I’m 100 percent certain it will be completed,” he said. “It’s important not only to the region but to the federal …

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