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Sep 26

On spanking in Texas (and other red states)

By now, you’ve all heard about the girl in Texas who was spanked* by a male assistant principal until she was “burned and blistered”.

Putting aside the whole opposite-sex spanking issue, which others have covered pretty well**,  what struck me most about the story when I saw it was this passing mention about which states …

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Nov 03

Meanwhile, in the school board races…

Items of interest from races I’m watching:

  1. Joe Guzman endorses John Stevens:
    School Board Rep. Joseph Guzman (R-Sugarland Run)“The School Board is no place for partisan politics. John Stevens has been a fantastic Chairman. We both believe in putting children first. I am proud to have supported John and I would vote for …

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Nov 02

Okay, so Plowman dropped the charges

That doesn’t change the fact that you should still write in Joy Maloney for Broad Run School Board.

My issues with Mr. Kuester’s candidacy remain the same, I feel that people on the school board should believe in the value of public education, and should be fiscally responsible. Mr. Kuesters fails both those tests.

Mr. …

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Oct 30

Full-Day Kindergarten: The Broad Run Candidates Respond

Kevin Kuesters

Should Loudoun institute Full-Day Kindergarten in all elementary schools and, ifso, how can it be implemented?

Full disclosure: I read the responses on your blog from Bob Ohneiser, Debbie Rose,John Stevens, Eric Hornberger, Debbie Piland, Priscilla Godfrey and Bill Fox beforesubmitting my response to you.

LCPS has 59 elementary schools right now and …

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Oct 17

How to vote for Joy Maloney using the electronic voting machine

How to write in your vote using the electronic voting machines

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Oct 14

Write-in Joy Maloney for Broad Run School Board!

My friend and neighbor, Joy Maloney, is stepping up to run against Kevin Kuesters, who was recently arrested for assaulting his wife.

Check out Joy’s website and, please, write her name in on November 8th.

Stevens has more at Without Supervision.

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Sep 23

A picture’s worth a thousand words

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Aug 30

The Big Business of Educating Loudoun – A Guest Post by Ashburn Auntie

[Ashburn Auntie is a blogger who prefers to remain anonymous. She writes about her experiences living in Ashburn and watching her nieces and nephews grow up.]

My niece started kindergarten today! She is the apple of my eye, and I asked for the special privilege of purchasing her school supplies with her this year. When …

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Aug 03

Input please

I’ve noticed that, in general, the School Board candidates haven’t got campaign websites. They’ve got facebook pages, and government pages (if they are already serving), and blogs; but only a third have campaign websites.

Which means that my campaign websites page seems woefully incomplete.

However, I’m not really willing to widen my definition for that …

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Oct 23

<Gasp!> Rational Debate Erupts in the Loudoun Blogosphere!

John Stevens and my own Stevens (Miller, that is) have an interesting set of posts up. Read John’s first at Our Loudoun Schools, and then read Stevens’s response at Without Supervision.

Logic! Reason! SCIENCE! Well, maybe not science.

I am excited to see something that is rarely seen in the Loudoun blogosphere, a calm rational …

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