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Aug 21

An incomplete list of elected officials who think women and girls can’t get pregnant through rape or incest

These guys:

  • Todd Akin
  • Steve King
  • Henry Aldridge
  • Stephen Freind


An incomplete list of elected officials who don’t give a shit if you can get pregnant from rape. They’re going to make you carry that pregnancy anyway, because it ain’t enough you got raped, you’ve got to do hard labor

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Aug 21

McDonnell Pursues Constitutional Ban on Abortion Without Rape Exception

Gov. McDonnell denounces Rep. Todd Akin’s stance on abortion and rape while pushing for abortion ban without exceptions as GOP party platform chair


Just a day after Missouri Republican Senatorial Candidate Rep. Todd Akin’s outlandish comments about rape victims and abortion, and despite prominent Republicans’ around the nation calling for him to step down, …

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Jul 30

Good news from the front

  1. According to the Washington Blade, the Dems are going to add a marriage equality plank to their national platform. Hallelujah!
  2. Starting Wednesday, women’s preventative services – including pap-smears and birth control are going to be available with no co-pays under ObamaCare. Because Obama cares.
  3. The internet can be a beautiful place. It really, really …

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Jul 20

Certainly not a FISCAL conservative

I got another mailing from Romney last week. Again, it was sent only to me, and Stevens didn’t get one of his own.


This time, he sent a picture of himself standing by a barn. I don’t think it’s his barn.



And he sent a letter with it.  


Now, …

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Jul 16

“if you think they in any way represent anything other than a fringe element, well, sigh”

This post is a response to Tom’s comment on my post, A country some of you might really enjoy living in.

I consider myself pretty well up on mainstream thinking and I can tell you that I have never heard of this “The Family” group, and if you think they in any way represent anything …

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Jun 28

You know, Virginia was named for the Virgin Queen…

…”Now count to three, close your eyes for your transvaginal probe, and vote Republican”.

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Jun 19


Please join us for our 2nd annual The Power of Choice reception as we celebrate NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s 10th anniversary year, recognize policymakers and activists who are defending reproductive freedom in Virginia, and come together to continue our work building a pro-choice future for the Commonwealth. Enjoy a fun evening of food & …

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May 23

Guest post by CCW (whose blog I miss like blazes)

CCW blogged at Destined to Be the Crazy Cat Woman for years before leaving blogging behind to chase the glamorous life of Facebooking and raising chickens. – Liz

I thought you might appreciate my tale of trying to get birth control for Teen L. She has insurance through her dad, it is military …

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May 16

NARAL Event this Saturday in Leesburg!!

Please join Ro, Liz, and Barbara for an evening of meeting & mingling with other pro-choice Virginians and getting ready to turn the tide and end attacks on reproductive rights in our state.

Special Guest: Janet Taliaferro, author of the novel Virgin Hall, about coming of age in the 1950′s. She will discuss the …

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Apr 26

My “reputation for conservative activism”

So I got home the other day to find an envelope addressed to me from Wisconsin Governor Walker, who is up for recall due to the hard work of many of my good friends.

When I opened it I found this:

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