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Oct 28

Someone stole my Obama and Kaine yard signs.

Up until sometime after 8:00 PM last night, I had three yard signs in my yard. But at some point last night, someone stole two of my yard signs. My take on this event? Romney and Allen supporters have no respect for personal property rights. Which is no surprise.

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Oct 23


The President scored a decisive win last night, according to every poll I’ve seen this morning. He also won the meme wars, clearly and concisely pointing out Romney’s ignorance of world affairs.

Romney himself called attention to his lack of knowledge of basic geography. Seriously, people. If you don’t know that Iran has two …

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Sep 28

Romney campaign admits he’s not up to the job.

As Mitt Romney’s campaign falls farther and farther behind the president’s drive towards re-election, commentators have all converged on the fact that the upcoming debates are Mitt’s last chance to turn it all around.

Unfortunately for him, he is not expected to do very well. But, today, Team Romney has decided to use that to …

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Sep 21

It all makes sense now

You remember when Romney asked me for $75,800? And I was surprised at how many people would be dividing up that money?

Turns out that he used that technique to boost his fundraising numbers. In reality, he doesn’t have as much money to spend as the Obama campaign. Now, I’m not complaining, because that tactic …

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Sep 19

You can’t plan this stuff!

On CNN right now:

“Yes, the candidate’s remarks were politically inept, but Tim Stanley says the race remains close and focused on the sluggish economy.”

Right next to that is this:

“Builders started on new homes at an annual rate of 750,000 in August, up 29.1% compared to a year ago.”

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Sep 19

Ryan is out to lunch

CNN quotes Ryan as saying this (in response to The Latest Romney Inelegance):

“Government is instituted to protect our natural rights. The idea of government is not to invent new rights so that … we can have a government-centered society that defines and regulates our rights”

Assuming he thinks The Bill of Rights is merely …

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Sep 18

Inelegantly Stated?

So Romney is excusing the fact that he wrote off half of the American people months back (and did it for money) by saying his view was, “inelegantly stated.”

Far be it for me to simplify the process of qualifying our leaders, but, on this occasion, I will go ahead and do it by saying …

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Sep 13

Email from a friend on Romney and his statement about the death of US citizens serving their country abroad

Liz says, “I received this email yesterday, and asked permission from the sender to promote it to a post. My friend gave me permission to post it anonymously.

Romney is blaming Obama for the death of the US Ambassador to Libya. CNN’s paragraph on it is stunning:

“It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first …

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Aug 21

McDonnell Pursues Constitutional Ban on Abortion Without Rape Exception

Gov. McDonnell denounces Rep. Todd Akin’s stance on abortion and rape while pushing for abortion ban without exceptions as GOP party platform chair


Just a day after Missouri Republican Senatorial Candidate Rep. Todd Akin’s outlandish comments about rape victims and abortion, and despite prominent Republicans’ around the nation calling for him to step down, …

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Aug 16

Guest Post: Stevens weighs in on the Second Amendment from a Ham’s POV

For most of my life, I have been an active amateur radio operator, first licensed at the age of 15, almost four decades ago. I own three amateur radio transmitters. With one of them, I have enjoyed conversations with people as far away as Italy and places in Africa.


Owning a radio is a …

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