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Sep 19

Ryan is out to lunch

CNN quotes Ryan as saying this (in response to The Latest Romney Inelegance):

“Government is instituted to protect our natural rights. The idea of government is not to invent new rights so that … we can have a government-centered society that defines and regulates our rights”

Assuming he thinks The Bill of Rights is merely …

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Sep 12

Here’s what I didn’t talk about yesterday


  • Why does Paul Ryan (and the congressional Republicans) hate America?
  • Did you know Ryan is still running for Congress? He’s running an ad and everything.
  • Nice friend you’ve got there, Mitt –> Pat Robertson thinks a guy should move to Saudi Arabia so he can beat his wife. Note: the guy complains …

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Aug 24

Todd Akin is an embarrassment to the party…you’re getting sleepy

Once again, Roy Zimmerman puts to music what I’ve been yelling about all week.

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