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Oct 22

On Joe Walsh.


Watch October 18, 2012 – Web Extra: Joe Walsh Press Conference on PBS. See more from Chicago Tonight.

I was going to write a post about Rep. Joe Walsh’s ignorant comments about abortion but then I read …

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Sep 28

Flannery brings it to Delgaudio

Loudoun County attorney and well-known liberal commentator John Flannery has joined the effort to reveal the truth about Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio.

In a hand-delivered Freedom of Information Act Request, Flannery has listed eight subject-matter items that the county government will have four days (with the possibility of a short extension) to use in …

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Sep 26

On spanking in Texas (and other red states)

By now, you’ve all heard about the girl in Texas who was spanked* by a male assistant principal until she was “burned and blistered”.

Putting aside the whole opposite-sex spanking issue, which others have covered pretty well**,  what struck me most about the story when I saw it was this passing mention about which states …

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Sep 24

Mitt Romney released a return into the Friday News Hole


Just as Liss predicted!


Mr. Have-It-Both-Ways-(at least) Romney released his 2011 return. It shows he voluntarily paid 14% on federal taxes (when he could have paid just 9%*, and losing his own vote for the presidency).

He paid it on about $14,000,000 of income. (When he had been saying all along he made …

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Sep 21

It all makes sense now

You remember when Romney asked me for $75,800? And I was surprised at how many people would be dividing up that money?

Turns out that he used that technique to boost his fundraising numbers. In reality, he doesn’t have as much money to spend as the Obama campaign. Now, I’m not complaining, because that tactic …

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Sep 18

Inelegantly Stated?

So Romney is excusing the fact that he wrote off half of the American people months back (and did it for money) by saying his view was, “inelegantly stated.”

Far be it for me to simplify the process of qualifying our leaders, but, on this occasion, I will go ahead and do it by saying …

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Jul 20

Certainly not a FISCAL conservative

I got another mailing from Romney last week. Again, it was sent only to me, and Stevens didn’t get one of his own.


This time, he sent a picture of himself standing by a barn. I don’t think it’s his barn.



And he sent a letter with it.  


Now, …

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Jun 29

Too snarky?

From a discussion on Too Conservative:

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May 29

My alma mater is pissing me off

Way back in the Pleistocene, when I was a teen-ager, I went to Stuyvesant High School. Stuy had some reasonable rules (like don’t bring alcohol to Excursion Day), and the students did our best to get around those rules (vodka injected into whole oranges was one memorable solution). But one thing we could rely on …

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May 09

Thank you, THANK YOU, Mr. President.

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Transcript available at Shakesville.

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