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Nov 08

Exercise for the reader


What can we do to get the people who turned out on Tuesday to come out for the off-year elections? If we can get the Obama voters in Sterling to vote in ’15, Delgaudio will be out on his ass.

How do we do it? Ideas needed here.



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Nov 07

My own personal bragging rights


Volunteered on Election Day:

All but one out performed Loudoun as a whole. All went for Obama.

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Nov 07

Let’s face it! Everything below the waist is kaput!

Every precinct I canvassed went for Obama. Loudoun went for Obama. Virginia went for Obama. The nation went for Obama.

I am happy and tired. So tired.



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Nov 06

It’s Election Day. I’ll be at Dominion Trail Elementary handing out Democratic Sample Ballots

9 AM until the polls close y’all. First time in 7 years that I’m not going to be there at 0530.

And I know it goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway…



Or I’ll never let you live it down.

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Oct 30

While Barack Obama is talking to Governor McDonnell about the flooding and power outages in our state…

Would someone please explain to me how this graph proves that our Democratic president’s policies have failed to cope with the unemployment rate, but our Republican governor’s policies have dealt with it really well?

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Sep 27

Who would re-elect a president with a record high unemployment rate?

Below, we see the record high unemployment rate reached 24 months into the president’s term.

With the rate actually declining slightly, the president managed to push it all the up to his mid-term maximum, about three percent higher than when he was sworn in, then bring it back to where it was when he …

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Sep 24

Door report

I went out walking for Obama over the weekend! On Saturday, I walked with a long-time friend and we did two 35-door packs together, and then I did a 26-door pack alone. On Sunday, I went out with a new friend and we did a pack of 75 doors together. It was terrific being out …

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Aug 29

Umm…does anyone have any wooden doors for me to knock on?

North Carolina moves from “lean Romney” to “toss-up” in a CNN poll.

North Carolina now becomes the ninth state CNN considers a true toss up, joining Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

The GOP is saying that they could win without Florida, which is probably NOT what they would like to …

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Aug 10

Romney did it again.

He sent me another letter. It’s nothing special this time, just four pages of lies and evasions and talking about taxes (but not showing us his), so I’m not going to post the exceedingly boring pictures. What I will do, however, is donate another $10 to Obama. He’s now up $60 from Romney mailers alone!

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Aug 04

Buddy, can you spare $75,800?

Guess who just sent me more mail! Addressed to me. Another four page letter! ┬áThat’s right, it’s our old pal, Mitt Romney!!

Looks like I’m a notable Republican again. By whose definition? Also, the text looks awfully familiar. If Romney believes in America, why does he keep his money in Switzerland? Buddy, can you spare …

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