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Jan 22

I do not regret my abortion


I lived in Pittsburgh for a few years, did I tell you?

I lived in Pittsburgh, and went to Pitt for two years, then I dropped out to work full-time. I worked three jobs, and volunteered at the local radio station, and I had an apartment that I shared with my boyfriend.

He was ex-army, …

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Aug 21

McDonnell Pursues Constitutional Ban on Abortion Without Rape Exception

Gov. McDonnell denounces Rep. Todd Akin’s stance on abortion and rape while pushing for abortion ban without exceptions as GOP party platform chair


Just a day after Missouri Republican Senatorial Candidate Rep. Todd Akin’s outlandish comments about rape victims and abortion, and despite prominent Republicans’ around the nation calling for him to step down, …

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Aug 24

Really, Loudoun County Republicans? REALLY?

You people make me ill.

Dick. Black. DICK BLACK. DICK “plastic fetuses for everyone!” BLACK.

On the one hand, HOORAY! He’s going to be the easiest for Shawn Mitchell to beat. On the other, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? When the other anti-choicers think someone’s gone a bit far…it’s kind of a hint.

Dick Black. …

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