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Jan 08

First sentences

It’s way past the end of December when I normally do a “first sentences” post about the first sentence of the first post of each month for the year. But! Better late than never!

  • January: A thought on property rights.

This post contained just one sentence. Here it is.

“Why is it that …

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Oct 23


The President scored a decisive win last night, according to every poll I’ve seen this morning. He also won the meme wars, clearly and concisely pointing out Romney’s ignorance of world affairs.

Romney himself called attention to his lack of knowledge of basic geography. Seriously, people. If you don’t know that Iran has two …

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Oct 16

The look Romney was really going for

Turns out, it wasn’t the Girl Scouts Romney was thinking about when he designed his logo.







I guess someone in his campaign must really like shoes.

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Oct 05

Mitt sure does love the bull…

Based on just the sheer number of lies Mitt told Wednesday night, his love of the bull is now legendary.    

As is the fact that he enjoys being mean to his family in public. I mean, what kind of dad calls out his sons for being liars in a nationally televised debate?

“…Look, …

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Oct 05

So Do Those Donors Get Their Money Back?



Mitt Romney is using his Etch A Sketch again. Today, he’s shaking it as hard as he can in a hail-Mary attempt to undo the revelation damage caused when video emerged of him saying to wealthy donors that he didn’t care about 47% of Americans, because we think of ourselves as victims.

Inconvenient truth? …

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Oct 04

Mitt Romney Loves the Bull

Whom does Mitt Romney love?

I like PBS, I love Big Bird.

What’s he planning for the ones he loves?

I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m going to stop other things.

You know what they say about how a matador has to feel, before he can kill the bull?

When Matador Mitt Romney says he …

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Oct 01

Ann Romney on Mitt Romney


In an interview with KTVN Channel 2 Nevada, Ann Romney said she was concerned about Mitt,



 “I think my biggest concern obviously would be for his mental well being…for me I think it would be the emotional part of it.”

Is this a real concern for Ann, or is it her way …

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Sep 28

Romney campaign admits he’s not up to the job.

As Mitt Romney’s campaign falls farther and farther behind the president’s drive towards re-election, commentators have all converged on the fact that the upcoming debates are Mitt’s last chance to turn it all around.

Unfortunately for him, he is not expected to do very well. But, today, Team Romney has decided to use that to …

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Sep 24

Mitt Romney released a return into the Friday News Hole


Just as Liss predicted!


Mr. Have-It-Both-Ways-(at least) Romney released his 2011 return. It shows he voluntarily paid 14% on federal taxes (when he could have paid just 9%*, and losing his own vote for the presidency).

He paid it on about $14,000,000 of income. (When he had been saying all along he made …

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Sep 21

It all makes sense now

You remember when Romney asked me for $75,800? And I was surprised at how many people would be dividing up that money?

Turns out that he used that technique to boost his fundraising numbers. In reality, he doesn’t have as much money to spend as the Obama campaign. Now, I’m not complaining, because that tactic …

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