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Apr 12

Since when?

Since I have never given money to a Republican in my life (though I walked for Chapman for Sheriff, and had his yard sign in my yard), and I have donated to President Obama in this cycle, I’m wondering by what criteria they thought I was a good bet for this mailing.

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Oct 06

The Perils of Having a Common Name

This Michael Chapman

Chapman for Sheriff

is not this Michael Chapman

Chapman for Tea Party

The former one (the one who still has his hair), is a respected law enforcement officer, with decades of experience.

The latter one is a Tea Partier par excellence, and apparently the fact that they have the same name has …

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Oct 03

A First

I had the strangest experience yesterday. I was talking to a registered voter in the Oak Grove district about Cliff Keirce (Independent!) and then briefly talked about Jennifer Wexton and Mike Kondratick (Democrats!) and the voter said,

“What about the Republicans?”

And I said,

“Well, I haven’t got any of his literature, but I’m voting …

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Aug 03

A little birdy just told me… (UPDATED)

That Ron Speakman, who lost the LCRC endorsement to Mike Chapman a couple of weeks ago, will be seeking the LCDC endorsement at tomorrow night’s meeting.

I don’t know if this rumor is true. [Rumor confirmed. It's on the agenda for tonight.]

I don’t know what the LCDC would do if it is true.

All …

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Jul 24

York, Chapman, Nevarez win nominating contests

I’m delighted Al Nevarez won the caucus! I can’t wait for him to beat Delgaudio in November!

I’ve updated the campaign websites page to reflect the new reality.

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