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Oct 09

On courage and cowardice

Over the weekend I was thinking about anonymity. I’ve written before about my own decision to blog in the open, but Scott York’s tantrum from the dais brought it up for me again a couple of weeks ago and then Loudoun Insider said something that made me sit and ponder.

One of the benefits of …

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Oct 03

The fix is in

The BOS voted 9-0 to hire an independent investigator to look into Delgaudio’s actions.


That means that a) Delgaudio didn’t recuse himself on this and b) he knows that they are going to instruct the investigator not to find anything.

The stench from this Board is overwhelming.

Thank you to Baron Rosedown for calling …

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Jul 03



Thank you Scott York, Shawn Williams, Ralph Buona, Matt LeTourneau, and Ken Reid.

Thank you, too, Eugene Delgaudio, for proving yet again that you do not have the best interests of your constituents at heart. Your “Heck NO” vote was classic, I dare to hope that it will be remembered on election …

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Jun 20

A question for Inova (edited to add response from Matt Letourneau)

So, Inova wants to build a hospital along the Greenway between Exits 6 and 7.

As I recall, HCA had proffered widening Belmont Ridge Road to 4 lanes each way from Rte 7 down to Brambleton if the previous BOS had approved their hospital at Exit 4 off the Greenway. A widening that this current …

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May 30

I wrote another letter (updated with links I sent to the BOS)

Dear Scott, Janet, Suzanne, Ralph, Shawn, Geary, Matt, Ken, and Eugene:

Please forgive my writing to you in a bunch like this but I wanted to make sure that you all see that I’m being open and above-board here.

I believe that Loudoun needs Metro. Not just for commuting purposes, and traffic relief, but for …

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Feb 07

The Board REALLY doesn’t want to hear from Seniors.

This was in my inbox this morning:

Dear Friend,

The “Action Summary Report” from the Board’s business meeting on January 31st and February 1st has been posted on my website at http://chairmanyork.wordpress.com.   If you wish to read staff reports on any specific item the link is here: Business_Meeting_Packets.

Board Action and Updates:

Public Comment:

To …

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Nov 17

What (some of) the winners said about Metro

Jim LeMunyon (R)

Elizabeth,Delegate LeMunyon is out of town today attending a funeral. He was quoted today in the Loudoun Times-Mirror on this very subject. I’ve copied and pasted his quote, specific to providing additional funding for Metro rail to Dulles, below. The entire article can be found here: http://www.loudountimes.com/index.php/news/article/state_house_of_delegate_candidates_face_off_at_chamber_event898/

But LeMunyon stood somewhere in …

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Oct 19

I got curious UPDATED

How much money has MC Dean (owners of OpenBand) and William H. Dean (owner of MC Dean) put into Loudoun races so far this cycle*?

 MC Dean: $12,500 (counting the $2,500 reported on Delgaudio’s latest filing. Not yet on VPAP)William H. Dean: $20,500.

Total: $33,000.

Of those numbers, $7,500 of MC Dean’s contributions are going …

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Sep 16

BOS Dulles: Candidates Answers on Metro (UPDATED)

[Updated because Matt Letourneau asked me to fix a typo] Matt Letourneau (R)

Liz,At long last my blog entry is up on my site:


Its rather long, so you may not want to post the whole thing on your site.  However, if you wish to, you have my permission to do so.

Larry Roeder …

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