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Nov 08

Exercise for the reader


What can we do to get the people who turned out on Tuesday to come out for the off-year elections? If we can get the Obama voters in Sterling to vote in ’15, Delgaudio will be out on his ass.

How do we do it? Ideas needed here.



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Aug 15

The Party of Inclusion?


Summer, 2008:


Summer, 2012:


“The Loudoun County Democratic Committee will endorse Mayor Kristen Umstattd, Councilman Dave Butler and challenger Jim Sisley in the upcoming Leesburg Town Council elections Nov. 6.”


-Leesburg Today, August 15, 2012


Whatever floats their boat.


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Apr 23

I hate having to follow up rumors.

But I do anyway. I’m waiting for call-backs from ranking Democrats in the HOD to follow-up a rumor that they are recruiting a formerly elected anti-Choice Dem to run against Tag Greason.

My feeling is, if we’re going to have someone who is anti-Choice in that seat, then we might as well keep Tag.

Let …

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Nov 22

The ugly truth about doors

bruised toe nail

Is that this is what can happen if you’re not wearing the right shoes. And the uglier truth is, my cold-weather shoes are just not up for the job.

On Saturday, November 5, I wore my Land’s End fleece-lined mocs. Good for all normal purposes, these shoes were made for strolling, taking in the sights …

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Nov 17

What (some of) the winners said about Metro

Jim LeMunyon (R)

Elizabeth,Delegate LeMunyon is out of town today attending a funeral. He was quoted today in the Loudoun Times-Mirror on this very subject. I’ve copied and pasted his quote, specific to providing additional funding for Metro rail to Dulles, below. The entire article can be found here: http://www.loudountimes.com/index.php/news/article/state_house_of_delegate_candidates_face_off_at_chamber_event898/

But LeMunyon stood somewhere in …

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Nov 09


In the year that I vote the most assorted ballot of my life, Loudoun voted the straightest ticket in its history.

More thoughts later.

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Nov 07

I was on TV on Saturday!

The predictions show of “The Road To…”

It was a lot of fun. I hope they invite me back.

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Nov 07

The worst day of the year

Tomorrow is election day and so, of course, my son will be staying overnight tonight with a babysitter so that Stevens and I can be at our volunteer posts at 0530 in the cold, dark morning.

We’ll be at our posts all day (with a short break to go to our own polling place to …

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Nov 03

Meanwhile, in the school board races…

Items of interest from races I’m watching:

  1. Joe Guzman endorses John Stevens:
    School Board Rep. Joseph Guzman (R-Sugarland Run)“The School Board is no place for partisan politics. John Stevens has been a fantastic Chairman. We both believe in putting children first. I am proud to have supported John and I would vote for …

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Nov 03

Still curious: HOW much money have MC Dean etal put into Loudoun Races this year?

When I added it all together a couple of weeks ago, it came to $27,250 for the BOS races alone.

The fresh reports show Bill Dean giving another $2,500 to Suzanne Volpe, MC Dean giving another $7,500 to Eugene Delgaudio (in two installments) and a whopping $20,000 to Va Rep – Nova Business Forum for …

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