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Nov 26

You’re invited to a holiday party!


  You’re Invited! Please join Liz Miller, Barbara Burgess, Debbie O’Day, and the staff and board members of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation for our first annual Holiday Party! Saturday, December 8, 2012 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. At the home of Liz Miller

(Address will be given upon RSVP, please specify the …

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Jun 18

I’m back!

I was on vacation (Great Wolf Lodge! Hershey Park!) and it is my practice not to alert people to that beforehand for obvious reasons.

Seems I missed quite a bit. Here’s where I’m doing my catching up:

  • Shakesville. Especially check out their thrice-weekly blogaround. If you’re not visiting Shakesville often, you’re really missing out.
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May 18

Sixteen Years Ago Today

16 years ago today, We looked like this:

11 years ago today, I looked like this:

10 years ago today, this happened

3 years ago today, we were supposed to go out for dinner, but I went to the hospital instead. Good times.

This year, we will have a quiet evening at home, just the …

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Apr 09

Apparently, I’m a baby killer.


I’ve been blogging now for 7 years and 3 days. I missed my blogiversary again this year, but in another way I commemorated it. The very first comment I received on my very first blog post was a troll.

And on Friday, April 6, 2012, on Twitter, I caught another one lurking under the bridge. …

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Feb 20

No time to post, too busy watching the sun set. I’ll be back next week.


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Dec 29

What are YOU doing for New Year’s Eve?

The Ashburn Patch has a poll that doesn’t include the plans our family has, which is to have my Mother-in-Law and her husband over for an earlyish dinner (most likely prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, and Brussels sprouts), getting them home at a decent hour (before the drunks start driving), followed by a possible movie, and …

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Dec 22

Pace, Frieden, Salud, Shalom

Why can’t we have Christmas the whole year around?

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Dec 06

No? Well, don’t say he didn’t try

Stevens tried to bring peace and good will back to the Courthouse Lawn this morning by asking for an item to be added to the agenda for the Board to vote on removing all displays from the Lawn except for a lighted tree.

The rules require 6 votes to amend the agenda, and only three …

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