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Sep 24

Door report

I went out walking for Obama over the weekend! On Saturday, I walked with a long-time friend and we did two 35-door packs together, and then I did a 26-door pack alone. On Sunday, I went out with a new friend and we did a pack of 75 doors together. It was terrific being out …

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Jan 16

Deep thoughts

Two facets of my volunteering life clashed last week, and I just wanted to say how pleased I was by the response I got from one facet when I brought up my concerns that had been informed by the other facet.

I can’t really get clearer than that right now. Maybe I will be able …

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Nov 22

The ugly truth about doors

bruised toe nail

Is that this is what can happen if you’re not wearing the right shoes. And the uglier truth is, my cold-weather shoes are just not up for the job.

On Saturday, November 5, I wore my Land’s End fleece-lined mocs. Good for all normal purposes, these shoes were made for strolling, taking in the sights …

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Nov 09


In the year that I vote the most assorted ballot of my life, Loudoun voted the straightest ticket in its history.

More thoughts later.

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Oct 12


Problem: The US has lost millions of manufacturing jobs overseas, we have millions of unemployed people – most of whom have at least a high school education. Tax incentives to large businesses have not increased domestic hiring of these workers who were formerly employed making things here in the US.

Problem: Increasing tariffs on foreign-made …

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Aug 23

Earthquake on Election Day!

I was outside my son’s school, looking at his class list when the ground started undulating. We all looked around for the delivery truck and it slowly dawned on us that it had been a seismic event.

Wow. Earthquakes in Virginia.

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Apr 26

Roads cost money

This is a basic fact. Roads are a subsidy government gives to drivers. To pay for roads – for the materials and for the road crews, governments use either bonds or tax money.

And if you’re going to say that you want the government to stop borrowing money, cut taxes, AND BUILD ROADS, then I’m …

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Jan 28

The schools made the right decision

I know some people are upset about schools being closed again today. Many roads in the area are passable and when your own commute is okay, it’s hard to imagine that others might have a different experience.

But over in Oakgrove (near Sterling), we have a slightly different situation.

One of the school buses here …

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Sep 15

Back to School Nights!

The weather outside is delightful. Sunsets, balmy breezes, that slight rustle from leaves preparing to change. And that happy refrain, “Hi! I’m Liz Miller! My friend Jeff Barnett is running for Congress!”

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May 12

It’s raining, it’s pouring

Phone bank instead of canvass. Alas.

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