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Sep 01

Passing the baton

It may surprise you to hear it, but lots of people are hesitant about canvassing. They’re nervous that people will react negatively to them, that they’ll have doors slammed in their faces. That’s where the Doorbell Queen excels. I make canvassing look fun and easy. Because to me, it IS fun and easy.

This year, …

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Jul 05

Now THAT’s what I’m talking about

Cliff knocked 151 doors yesterday.

Jennifer Wexton’s been out every day (though she needs to post about it more!)

Shanyn Ronis is wearing her shoes out.

I’m so proud of my canvassing proteges! Keep it up!

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Jul 04

Origin story

Back in 2009, I got into a competition with Stevens’s campaign staff. Whoever knocked more doors than me would be eligible to win a Nintendo DS donated by my mom.

I started blogging the number of doors I did each day. And I started tweeting while canvassing. At the time, I blogged and tweeted as …

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Jul 02


Went walking with Cliff Keirce today knocking on the doors of single family homes here in the Oak Grove precinct. Did 81 doors, got 30 signatures, and a promise of a house party. All in less than 3.5 hours. That’s about 23 doors an hour.

We need to pick up the speed a bit, …

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Jun 24

Shouting it from the rooftops

For the first time in my life, I’m endorsing, donating to, and campaigning for someone who is NOT running as a Democrat.

Independent candidate Cliff Keirce is my choice for Supervisor from the new Broad Run district. As I’ve said before,

“Cliff is a widely known, very popular, well-liked, hugely qualified candidate for this office. He’s …

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May 29

Did doors with Shanyn Ronis, Valdis Ronis’s daughter!

She is an awesome walker. Energetic. Enthusiastic. We were out for over 2 hours, did a TON of doors. It feels like July out there. All you other canvassers, stay hydrated!

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m endorsing Valdis Ronis for Supervisor from the new Ashburn District. Tomorrow’s a fund-raiser for him, come …

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May 20

Jennifer Wexton Wrote an Op-Ed Piece

You may not have seen it, because it is only in the print edition of Loudoun Times Mirror (and in their e-edition, scroll to page A21).

Since LTM wouldn’t put up a link, you can read it at Jennifer’s website!

And while you’re there, why not get involved? It’s time for a new Commonwealth’s Attorney.

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May 16

Random bullets of a busy weekend

  • NARAL Pro-choice VA’s LUNAFEST event was splendid! Valdis Ronis and his daughter Shanyn joined us, along with many others. We also got donations from many local businesses, as well as local friends. So here is a thank you to Valdis, Erika, The Reign of Cats and Dogs, and Rouge Spa. Your generosity is appreciated.
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May 03

Went out walking with Jennifer Wexton again!

She is so much fun to walk with! We did doors for about 3 hours on Saturday, and then she ran out of lit, so we stopped for the day. I emailed her more walk sheets for Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, did anyone get an odd message from two of the LCDems lists that …

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Apr 24

My first endorsement

I put some shoe leather in for Jennifer Wexton yesterday. She and I walked my neighborhood gathering signatures for her petition to get on the ballot. We had a great time visiting with my neighbors and talking with a star-struck youngster who thought it was really cool that Stevens and I live around the corner …

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