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Oct 19

We’re being played, people

In the Washington Post article from yesterday about our suit:

Prior to the board’s Oct. 3 vote, York noted that a copy of Mateer’s complaint was given to Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney James E. Plowman (R) for review several months ago. Plowman in turn referred the matter to the commonwealth’s attorney’s office in Arlington County. …

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Oct 12

Something sure stinks, Geary, but I don’t think it’s the bugs

In my inbox today was this note:

“Geary sent out this update. I was SURE it had something to do with the Delgaudio matter. (“A couple of issues have come to my attention since my last newsletter. I thought it in order to send out a special newsletter instead of waiting the usual one-month interval.”) 

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Oct 11


I spent a little while yesterday looking at the actual item that the BOS passed on October 3, which reads,





# 16

SUBJECT: Investigation of possible violation of county policy governing Board of Supervisor …

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Oct 10

Scott York demonstrates how look like you are responding, without being responsive

As I said yesterday, a close look at the Copy Teste shows that the “investigation” is disturbingly limited in scope. Accordingly, I sent this note to Scott York and Shawn Williams,

Dear Scott and Shawn;

I noticed that the investigation of Delgaudio is only looking into his treatment of staff aides as regards county policy. …

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Oct 09

If you were wondering why Scott York was in such a rush…(or, How to Make an Investigation Part of a Cover-Up.)

On October 2, 2012, I sent this FOIA request to Scott York:

Mr. York,

This is a FOIA request, made under the applicable part of the Code of Virginia, for a copy of the complaint referred to (that is, “the complaint filed against Mr. Delgaudio”) in your public statement of October 2, 2012. The relevant …

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Oct 01

Nothing he can do? (updated)


Scott York says that there is nothing the board of supervisors can do about (the latest) official misconduct by Eugene Delgaudio.

But that’s not true.

The board has the inherent power to use whatever legal authority it already has (budget allocations, committee assignments, appointment to regional commissions, resolutions of censure, public statements, etc.) to …

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Jul 03



Thank you Scott York, Shawn Williams, Ralph Buona, Matt LeTourneau, and Ken Reid.

Thank you, too, Eugene Delgaudio, for proving yet again that you do not have the best interests of your constituents at heart. Your “Heck NO” vote was classic, I dare to hope that it will be remembered on election …

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Jun 20

A question for Inova (edited to add response from Matt Letourneau)

So, Inova wants to build a hospital along the Greenway between Exits 6 and 7.

As I recall, HCA had proffered widening Belmont Ridge Road to 4 lanes each way from Rte 7 down to Brambleton if the previous BOS had approved their hospital at Exit 4 off the Greenway. A widening that this current …

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Feb 06

Did anyone else notice the vote on 659 / Belmont Ridge Road?

Here’s the text from Chairman York’s Blog

9. Board Member Initiative: Amendment to the Countywide Transportation Plan for Route 659

Chairman York would like to initiate a comprehensive plan amendment to the Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) Map to reflect the ultimate condition of Northstar Blvd ( also known as 659 relocated) from the Prince William …

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Feb 03

The new BOS doesn’t want to hear from Seniors.

This information appeared in my inbox last night:

At the Board business meeting this week, the Board voted to eliminate e-comment* at senior centers. The e-comment program began last fall after it was approved by the previous Board as a one-year pilot program at the end of which staff would report back to the Board …

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