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Oct 03

A First

I had the strangest experience yesterday. I was talking to a registered voter in the Oak Grove district about Cliff Keirce (Independent!) and then briefly talked about Jennifer Wexton and Mike Kondratick (Democrats!) and the voter said,

“What about the Republicans?”

And I said,

“Well, I haven’t got any of his literature, but I’m voting …

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Sep 07

Candidates are answering the question

You can read the answers on the Metro page. I apologize for the unattractive appearance of that page. I’ll work on making it look better later.

So far I have answers from:

  • Malcolm Baldwin (BOS Catoctin)
  • Tom Bellanca (BOS Chair)
  • Shaun Broy (27th Sen)
  • Jim Burton (BOS Blue Ridge)
  • Dave Butler (10th HOD)
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Aug 23

Today is Primary Day.

[originally posted yesterday]I won’t be voting in tomorrow’s today’s primaries, since I don’t consider myself a Republican, and I do consider it to be cheating to vote in the primary of a party I don’t belong to (my own opinion, your opinion may vary and I won’t judge you for that), and there aren’t any …

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