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Nov 07

I was on TV on Saturday!

The predictions show of “The Road To…”

It was a lot of fun. I hope they invite me back.

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Oct 17

Dick Black is against a woman’s right to choose what to do with her…

…Work product.

Catherine Read, a professional photographer, was at the NARAL Black OUT event on Thursday, along with a host of pro-Choice Loudouners and Fairfaxians, and took a ton of pictures, which she put on her facebook page, and…

Well…Let me let her tell you the rest of the story.

Apparently Dick …

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Oct 12

Can you spot the blogger?

DPVA has put up a new site The Real Dick Black.

It’s a really strong site, filled with lots of information about Dick Black and his record. And it also has a video.

This video:

More videos coming soon!

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Oct 12

Speaking of Solutions…

Dick Black (R-epulsive) has been smearing Shawn Mitchell, his Democratic opponent for the new 13th Senate seat.

Perhaps it’s because he just has nothing else to offer the voters? Shawn Mitchell, on the other hand, does have more to offer the voters:

Solutions vs. RhetoricMitchell Offers Real Solutions While Career Politician Black Covers …

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Oct 03


THE EMERGENCY IS WE REALLY NEED A BLACK OUT     And it’s HIGH time for a BlackOutin Loudoun & Prince William Counties!

ANTI-CHOICE SENATE CANDIDATE DICK BLACK YOU REMEMBER – THE AUTHOR OF THE INFAMOUS PLASTIC FETUS Please Join the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC Board for a BlackOut party to keep anti-choice Dick Black …

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Sep 26

News you can use:

  • The campaigns for Shawn Mitchell, Jennifer Wexton, and Cliff Keirce have all announced yard sign availability.
  • The Coalition for Women’s Health is having a rally down in Richmond on October 15. Bus ride is free if you RSVP ASAP.
  • Jennifer Wexton has challenged Jim Plowman to a debate. This is one to watch!
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Sep 23

A picture’s worth a thousand words

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Aug 24

Really, Loudoun County Republicans? REALLY?

You people make me ill.

Dick. Black. DICK BLACK. DICK “plastic fetuses for everyone!” BLACK.

On the one hand, HOORAY! He’s going to be the easiest for Shawn Mitchell to beat. On the other, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? When the other anti-choicers think someone’s gone a bit far…it’s kind of a hint.

Dick Black. …

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Aug 23

Today is Primary Day.

[originally posted yesterday]I won’t be voting in tomorrow’s today’s primaries, since I don’t consider myself a Republican, and I do consider it to be cheating to vote in the primary of a party I don’t belong to (my own opinion, your opinion may vary and I won’t judge you for that), and there aren’t any …

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