Apr 13

New job, new schedule, overwhelming amounts of info…

Okay, I’ve got a new job that’s been quite the time-suck and so I’ve been neglecting you folks.

Here’s what I’ve missed talking about:

  • I’m mad as hell that President Obama is negotiating away Social Security and other social safety net measures. The congressional republicans will a) never think it’s enough and b) will use it to say that he’s attacking seniors.
  • I’m mad as hell that 13 states, including Virginia, have moved to make abortion harder to obtain while, at the same time, moved to eliminate the programs that a) reduce unwanted pregnancies and b) make responsible parenting possible.
  • I’m mad as hell that even after Columbine, Aurora, Newtown, Virginia Tech, etc., we are still having to argue about asking that people get flipping background checks before they are able to buy, sell, or trade for a flipping gun. Seriously, you’re going to make me get an internal ultrasound and wait seventy-two flipping hours before I can get an abortion if I need one and it’s too much to flipping ask that you put up with one flipping second of delay before you can buy a gun?  Well-regulated militia! The words have meaning! Look it up!!
  • I’m mad as hell that two more girls who were gang-raped by people who flipping filmed the rapes and then distributed those films ended up being so harassed by people in their communities that they killed themselves. My friend Andrea talks about this much more eloquently than I ever could.
  • I’m mad as hell that Exxon seems to be able to just dump oil anywhere they damned well please and that they get to keep being one of the most profitable companies on the planet. Take all their money, and use it to clean up their mess.

What are you mad as hell about today?

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Jan 22

I do not regret my abortion

bfcd-2013I lived in Pittsburgh for a few years, did I tell you?

I lived in Pittsburgh, and went to Pitt for two years, then I dropped out to work full-time. I worked three jobs, and volunteered at the local radio station, and I had an apartment that I shared with my boyfriend.

He was ex-army, kicked out for abusing Percocet that he’d gotten for a knee injury (training, not combat — this is before Desert Storm). A terrific writer, but no follow-through. He’d get 10 pages into a story and then….stop. He wasn’t really able to hold down a job. I supported the two of us. I was really kind of an idiot about him. But not so much of an idiot that I would have unprotected sex with him. No, I was not so much of an idiot as that.

We spent some holidays with his parents (he lived locally), and I loved his mom and sister.

We got a dog, and we both adored that puppy. And then, one day, my boyfriend got pissed about something that the dog chewed on, and kicked him.

He kicked our dog.

I packed up everything I owned, called my friend Steve Mahofsky (he had a car, a credit card, and a somewhat flexible schedule), and he rented a U-haul, filled it with my stuff, and drove me and my dog home to Brooklyn the very next day.

The Very. Next. Day.

Two weeks later, in Brooklyn, I didn’t get my period. I thought it might be stress, you know. But I took a pregnancy test anyway when it still wasn’t there five days after that.

It was positive.

I made an appointment with Planned Parenthood. There was no doubt in my mind about what I was going to do. I was NOT going to tie myself forever to a man who had kicked. my. dog. If he could kick the dog, he could hit me. Or a baby. No. Flipping. Way. I was NOT going to bring a child into the world to have that man as a father. I was NOT.

Being with him in the first place was the stupidest choice I’ve ever made. Having an abortion after I left him, was the best choice I’ve ever made.

And it’s important to me that other women, that ALL women, be able to be free to make their own choices.


The second button down is for the tax deductible foundation

If it’s important to you, too. You know what to do.



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Jan 08

First sentences

It’s way past the end of December when I normally do a “first sentences” post about the first sentence of the first post of each month for the year. But! Better late than never!

This post contained just one sentence. Here it is.

“Why is it that the folks who fought against the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance on the basis of property rights (Delgaudio, York), now all in favor of imposing county rules on folks without HOAs if they aren’t mowing their lawns, and are parking too many cars on their grass?”

The past few days, there’s been a really excellent conversation about abortion over at Too Conservative.

I’m not reading or commenting over there anymore, because my New Year’s resolution was to reduce stress in my life. But I am grateful to them for giving me the impetus to create this list of links. I update it periodically.

That’s right, Rush is having trouble giving time away on his show.

Includes bonus Roy Zimmerman video.

Report here.

Please note that the headline of that article says, “Explosive device found at Planned Parenthood”, while the story specifies that the device actually exploded.

Okay, that’s the first TWO sentences. But I maintain that the first one didn’t really count.

Did you listen to this song when you were a kid?

With TWO bonus videos.

From my inbox:

Homes for Our Troops will be building at NO COST to the veteran a specially designed brand new home for a disabled veteran.

That ended up being the weekend of the Derecho, and I am thoroughly ashamed that I did not follow up afterwards.

Thinking of everybody who is still without power after the storm, and thinking especially of those with storm damage.

Turns out, that picture of him in front of Chick-Fil-A is a still from a video.

Bigot (ˈbɪɡət): -n

a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race

This post was written by my friend, Marc Lieberman, a person with whom I’ve had many a profound political discussion.

In an interview with KTVN Channel 2 Nevada, Ann Romney said she was concerned about Mitt,

With bonus videos featuring both those sterling individuals.

9 AM until the polls close y’all.

And that’s all I’m going to say about it today.

In fact, that’s all I said here at all last month. But I wrote a ton on Facebook and Twitter.


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Dec 14

My thoughts are in Connecticut

And that’s all I’m going to say about it today.

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Nov 26

You’re invited to a holiday party!


You’re Invited!
Please join Liz Miller, Barbara Burgess, Debbie O’Day,
and the staff and board members of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation
for our first annual
Holiday Party!
Saturday, December 8, 2012
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
At the home of Liz Miller

(Address will be given upon RSVP, please specify the 8th!)

Please join us to celebrate the holiday season and wrap up NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation’s tenth anniversary in festive style.

We’ll enjoy food & drink, “choice” company, and the chance to pick up a holiday gift or two,
while we discuss the work we’ve done this year and our plans for 2013
to counter CPCs, to promote sex education, and to protect women’s access to health care.
Special guest Michelle Kinsey Bruns, who has worked as a clinic escort!
Handmade Jewelry by Debbie O’Day will be available for silent auction!
All proceeds to benefit NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation (C3)!

Please R.S.V.P to RSVP@naralva.org or 202-973-3085 by December 5.

Suggested Donation Levels:

Host Committee (acknowledgment at event): $200 per person ($250 for couples)
Choice Supporter: $100 per person ($150 for couples)
Guest: $50 per person (or $75 per couple)
GEM For Choice Members! Half-off all ticket prices!

Contributions will be accepted at the door by cash, check or credit card. You may also contribute ahead of time online via PayPal.

(Please mention if you will be contributing online when you R.S.V.P. to ensure your online contribution will be properly attributed.)

If you are interested in joining the Host Committee, please contact Caroline at caroline@naralva.org or 202-973-3085.

Contributions to NPCVF, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law and cannot be used for direct political work.

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Nov 08

Exercise for the reader


What can we do to get the people who turned out on Tuesday to come out for the off-year elections? If we can get the Obama voters in Sterling to vote in ’15, Delgaudio will be out on his ass.

How do we do it? Ideas needed here.



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Nov 07

My own personal bragging rights


Volunteered on Election Day:

All but one out performed Loudoun as a whole. All went for Obama.

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Nov 07

Let’s face it! Everything below the waist is kaput!

Every precinct I canvassed went for Obama. Loudoun went for Obama. Virginia went for Obama. The nation went for Obama.

I am happy and tired. So tired.



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Nov 06

It’s Election Day. I’ll be at Dominion Trail Elementary handing out Democratic Sample Ballots

9 AM until the polls close y’all. First time in 7 years that I’m not going to be there at 0530.

And I know it goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway…



Or I’ll never let you live it down.

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Oct 30

While Barack Obama is talking to Governor McDonnell about the flooding and power outages in our state…

Huh, seems like the Virginia rate mirrored the national rate almost exactly.

Would someone please explain to me how this graph proves that our Democratic president’s policies have failed to cope with the unemployment rate, but our Republican governor’s policies have dealt with it really well?

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