May 21

I’m running against Tag Greason

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Leesburg Today

Loudoun Times

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  1. TravisW

    Good for you, Liz. As far as I am concerned you’ve already done our district a great service by stepping forward. No politician should ever run unopposed and allowing someone to do it twice in a row would have been a disgrace on us all.

  2. Liz

    Thank you!

  3. Jon K. Erickson

    Liz Miller’s flyer all about women’s healthcare. Tax Greason all about business. Myself, I am swayed by how my tax money is spent and the new taxes I have to pay. The abortion, personhood and ultra sounds important as they are, are not going to be enough to defeat a incumbent. I hate to see Liz hammer the social issues when she can beat Tax Greason on the tax issues and how our dollars are being spent. Even at a 3 to 1 disadvantage people have a certain buyers remorse with the man who voted for the biggest tax increase in the history of Virginia. Not a user fee but a tax that affects every man, woman and child here. Stay independent and put a muzzle on Stevens and we’ll have a punchers chance. .

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