Jan 22

I do not regret my abortion

bfcd-2013I lived in Pittsburgh for a few years, did I tell you?

I lived in Pittsburgh, and went to Pitt for two years, then I dropped out to work full-time. I worked three jobs, and volunteered at the local radio station, and I had an apartment that I shared with my boyfriend.

He was ex-army, kicked out for abusing Percocet that he’d gotten for a knee injury (training, not combat — this is before Desert Storm). A terrific writer, but no follow-through. He’d get 10 pages into a story and then….stop. He wasn’t really able to hold down a job. I supported the two of us. I was really kind of an idiot about him. But not so much of an idiot that I would have unprotected sex with him. No, I was not so much of an idiot as that.

We spent some holidays with his parents (he lived locally), and I loved his mom and sister.

We got a dog, and we both adored that puppy. And then, one day, my boyfriend got pissed about something that the dog chewed on, and kicked him.

He kicked our dog.

I packed up everything I owned, called my friend Steve Mahofsky (he had a car, a credit card, and a somewhat flexible schedule), and he rented a U-haul, filled it with my stuff, and drove me and my dog home to Brooklyn the very next day.

The Very. Next. Day.

Two weeks later, in Brooklyn, I didn’t get my period. I thought it might be stress, you know. But I took a pregnancy test anyway when it still wasn’t there five days after that.

It was positive.

I made an appointment with Planned Parenthood. There was no doubt in my mind about what I was going to do. I was NOT going to tie myself forever to a man who had kicked. my. dog. If he could kick the dog, he could hit me. Or a baby. No. Flipping. Way. I was NOT going to bring a child into the world to have that man as a father. I was NOT.

Being with him in the first place was the stupidest choice I’ve ever made. Having an abortion after I left him, was the best choice I’ve ever made.

And it’s important to me that other women, that ALL women, be able to be free to make their own choices.


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If it’s important to you, too. You know what to do.



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  1. YT

    I love you.

  2. magpie

    Good on you – for getting out, for telling your story.

  3. Stevens Miller

    Every single day, you make a difference.

    Every single day, you fill me with pride.

    Every single day, you are the one I point to and say, “See her? That’s your mom. Be like her, as much as you can.”

    A lot of people who will never know who you are, owe you quite a bit. Today, some of them owe you more than ever.

    And I am luckier than all of them, because, not only do I owe you everything, I do know who you are.

  4. Lindsey

    Thank you for your story! It’s so important for people to know that abortions not only happen, but they can be a force for good in a woman’s life.

  5. Bulletproof

    what an idiot. Your mother has to be so proud. What if she’d just have aborted you!

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