Nov 08

Exercise for the reader


What can we do to get the people who turned out on Tuesday to come out for the off-year elections? If we can get the Obama voters in Sterling to vote in ’15, Delgaudio will be out on his ass.

How do we do it? Ideas needed here.



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  1. kathy a.

    oh, hi. i’m only a week or so late, right?

    but we really do need to be thinking about GOTV in 2014. last week was just too soon to really think hard about that. i mean — i was exhausted. and we do get a few days to regroup and think, right?

    there is a pretty good amount of evidence that certain people in the party that had a bad election overall are not at all coming to terms with the need to change direction. (to the extent that some of the up+comers are saying things like “shut UP, already! we can’t win by saying that gay-latino-black-women-nonrich-old-young people are all a bunch of losers and moochers” to which the wanna-be-but-failed-leader-of-the-nation says, “looooosers! moooooooochers! boooooogabooga!) ahem.

    so, back in the rational world, people are now thinking of 2014 and moving things in the right direction. obviously, that has to happen for seats of national importance (congresscritters; senators; governors). but because it is now clear that we are in a long battle about directions of things — it also has to happen at the state and local level, and with particular issues.

    some people have expressed hope that the obama ground infrastructure will remain in place — and i hope it does. i’ve also noticed, this cycle, some really great organizing and outreach networks that have developed in lots of corners. the short list for my email box includes: house minority leader; my own congresscritter and senators; Planned Parenthood; a vets organization or two; EMILY’s list; etc.

    and for my own special issue, which lost narrowly — we’re picking up and brainstorming how to go forward, with a meeting already scheduled a few weeks from now.

  2. Jon K. Erickson

    If Stevens would come out for Eugene that would be the so-called kiss of death, yahoo!!!

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