Sep 14

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From NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s Facebook feed:

UPDATE: Following pressure from Attorney General, the Virginia Board of Health voted today 13-2 to approve targeted regulations on abortion providers that would force all abortion providers to come up to structural requirements intended for the construction of new hospitals. This is a reversal from their June decision
that would have allowed existing clinics that provide abortion to be “grandfathered” in from the forced reconstruction requirements.
The Board of Health caved to pressure from Ken Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell and put anti-choice ideology ahead of medical science and public health. This is a tremendous loss for Virginia women’s rights, health, and access to safe, legal abortion.
We won’t forget and we won’t stop fighting! Stay tuned for more updates.

They caved to bullying. I am so upset. Please, don’t be silent. Protest this. Help NARAL Prochoice VA fight this.

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