Jul 05

Wow, are those grapes sour enough for you? (Updated)

The posts at Too Conservative are high in vinegar content the last couple of days. But lo! I have reasons for you to rejoice with me that Metro is coming to Loudoun!
Americans Driving Less, Especially Young Men, Metro to Loudoun is important if we want to keep our community vibrant, and if we want to attract businesses here that want to invest in younger workers.

On the other end of the scale, Senior citizens stay in their homes and communities longer in areas with mass transit. Several developments have already proffered bus service to and from Metro, and Fairfax has proven that as soon as Metro arrives, so does a myriad of busing options. Seniors will be able to live in their own homes, and still be able to shop, go to the community center, and take part in activities in the county without needing to drive.

And last, but certainly not least, you don’t have to listen to ME whining incessantly during the next few years about how much more business we’d have in the county if only we’d approved Metro. And I told you so. And on and on. Especially since I can be WAY more annoying then the folks at Too Conservative. I’m from New York. We have sour grapes down to a science.

Updated to add this: Today’s online edition of Leesburg Today has two stories of serious car crashes that took place in the county. One was fatal, the other has resulted in severe injuries. These accidents reminded me that one major argument for Metro is that rail is safer as well as cheaper than driving.

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  1. Stevens Miller

    They’re not annoying. Loudoun Insider is just crying. It’s not like him, at least not to this length nor to this degree of petulance. It’s a little embarrassing, actually. He’s put up a pic of Ken Reid, wearing a three-cornered hat and waving a little American flag while marching in an Independence Day parade! “I threw up in my mouth,” he says. Goodness, I would agree that Ken is not the most likely man to be featured on the cover of Gentleman’s Quarterly, but neither am I, nor are most of the men in Loudoun county, particulary of Ken’s and my vintage. If we wear a colonial hat and carry a little American flag, are we all vomitricious? Way to reach the common man there, LI!

    Also, one can’t help but wonder where all this vitriol (or bile) was when HCA was voted down, during my board. Wasn’t that as big a deal in dollars, growth, and so on? Oh, right… Lori Waters voted “no” on that one. Must have cause him quite a coniption.

    I admire anyone who stands by their convictions (except Eugene, if he has any), even when: 90% of your neighbors disagree; the Chamber of Commerce and I together disagree; the governor disagrees; my state senator of the party opposite the governor disagrees; and the only BOS members siding with you include Ms. Clarke, Eugene, and guy who makes so few meetings that I cannot remember his name. That takes a lot of self-confidence (among other things, one of which starts with “pig-,” but I the pig thing has been worked to death in this county, so I won’t use it).


    I also admire good losers. Talking about how you “threw up in your mouth” over a mediocre picture of an elected carrying a flag and wearing a hat in a parade verges on the obsessive. Sure, it was an important vote. And if the future data proves your wildly unpopular view can be supported post hoc, then say so. But this ridiculous over-reaction, evidenced by nigh-scatological tantrums over anything you can use, does–if nothing else–just that much more to convince me I was/am on the side of the more sophisticated heads.

    Looking forward to riding my bike to the station and, from there, out to DC to see the museums, the cherry blossoms, and the Gay Pride parades.

    See you on the train, Mr. Sour Grapes.

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