Jul 03



Thank you Scott York, Shawn Williams, Ralph Buona, Matt LeTourneau, and Ken Reid.

Thank you, too, Eugene Delgaudio, for proving yet again that you do not have the best interests of your constituents at heart. Your “Heck NO” vote was classic, I dare to hope that it will be remembered on election day in 2015.

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  1. Stevens Miller

    I am told that some folks are suggesting that BOS members who voted not to opt out should reconsider their vote.

    Reconsideration is not an option: BOS internal procedural rules allow a member of the majority vote on a motion to move to reconsider at the next meeting of the BOS. But those internal rules are not binding on parties to contracts with the county.

    MWAA couldn’t care less if anyone has the procedural option to move a reconsideration. Their deal with Loudoun required, and received, a commitment from the county no later than yesterday (July 4, 2012). If the county were to “reconsider” and vote to opt out, that would be of no significance to MWAA, since the deadline for that vote has come and gone. If Loudoun simply refused to pay, that would be a breach of the agreement, for which damages could be obtained in court (or, in this case, the county could well be ordered to make good on its July 3′rd commitment).

    It’s over, folks. Move on.

  2. Leej

    It won’t be open in 2015 not a chance in hell more like 2018 or a small chance 2017 very late 2017

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