Apr 09

Apparently, I’m a baby killer.

I’ve been blogging now for 7 years and 3 days. I missed my blogiversary again this year, but in another way I commemorated it. The very first comment I received on my very first blog post was a troll.

And on Friday, April 6, 2012, on Twitter, I caught another one lurking under the bridge. This fellow, at least, doesn’t appear to be anonymous.

Isn’t he a hoot? Anyway, just want to remind you all that if you want to end abortion, you need to work for social justice!


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  1. YT

    Not only clearly a genius, but an excellent speller, too!
    You get the all the cool kids on “you’re” blog and Twitter account.

  2. G Dawg

    your just jealous of his impeckable grammer.

  3. Jennifer

    Whatevs. Those idiots aren’t worth your time. Thanks for speaking out and up!

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