Apr 02

Explosive device blew up at a Wisconsin Planned Parenthood yesterday.

Report here.

Please note that the headline of that article says, “Explosive device found at Planned Parenthood”, while the story specifies that the device actually exploded.

“Found” and “Blew up” are two totally different things.

“Found” means that it was discovered and did NOT blow up.

Also please note that this is probably not going to be reported as a terrorist act. Just another bomb at another Planned Parenthood. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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  1. ACJ

    I have never understood those who claim to be so pro life that they will kill people.

  2. Ross Patterson

    Yeah, these criminals seem to think the only acceptable abortions are retro-active abortions. Thank goodness nobody was in the building at the time. The Huffington Post has a lot more detail.

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