Jan 13

“Obama opposes laws ‘designed to take rights away’”

Or so he said to The Blade about New Hampshire’s possible vote to repeal Marriage Equality there.

I’m glad he’s taken this stance.

Too bad he doesn’t stand with women against the record number of anti-choice (including anti-birth control) laws that were enacted last year. His silence on this has been deafening.

I knocked on over a thousand doors for President Obama in ’08. I walked to get us out of Iraq and Afganistan. I walked for an end to domestic violence. I walked for a return of ethics. I walked to support mass transit. I walked to support social programs. I walked for a better tax plan. I walked for clean energy. I walked for universal health care.

I won’t be voting for whichever anti-choice, anti-LGBT man the GOP nominates, but damn, I really wish I had a visibly pro-choice, pro-LGBT alternative. I really wish for that.

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