Feb 15

Where I come from

I come from a neighborhood in Brooklyn that probably has the highest concentration of gay and lesbian parents of any place in this country.

My best friends had gay parents, my 5th grade teacher was a gay parent…so coming here it was kind of a shock to find out that there are people who think that gay people shouldn’t get married, shouldn’t have kids, shouldn’t teach school.

Now, the folks I grew up with are just plain folks. Living their lives. Going to the grocery store. Wiping their (grand)children’s noses, and kissing their scraped knees, and making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on 7 grain bread (just kidding about that, they make almond butter and jelly sandwiches on 7 grain bread).

In no way are the parents of my friends ever confrontational about their lives, they just live them. They are people…who happen to be gay and lesbian…living lives exactly like those of the straight folks next door.

And it seems, from comments on John Stevens’s blog, that just having a conversation about it is disrespectful of the commenters’ reading of the Bible.

Well, okay, not one person who didn’t want to talk about it showed up. Which is fine. We had a great discussion anyway, and I’ll post a link to the video when it gets posted. (To start, here’s a podcast of Anna Holmes’s sermon from Sunday morning’s services.)

But I’m going to say this here, now. My friends’ parents, my fifth grade teacher, my cousin…they have a right to live their lives. They should be allowed to get married. They should be allowed to adopt children, together with their spouses. They should never have to worry that if one of them gets sick, the other won’t be allowed to visit her spouse in the hospital. They should not have to worry that if one of them dies, the other won’t be able to stay in their house. This is not about religion, this is about basic justice. This is about human dignity.

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  1. esperanza

    Amen, sister.

  2. Dana

    Thanks for participating in Blogging for LGBT Families Day!

  3. Liz

    Thank YOU for hosting it!

  4. Cheril Bey-Clarke

    Great post! Thanks for the support.

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