Nov 22

The ugly truth about doors

Is that this is what can happen if you’re not wearing the right shoes. And the uglier truth is, my cold-weather shoes are just not up for the job.

bruised toe nail

Poor little piggy

On Saturday, November 5, I wore my Land’s End fleece-lined mocs. Good for all normal purposes, these shoes were made for strolling, taking in the sights and sounds of nature on a cold Vermont day. They were NOT made for 6 hours of walking on concrete sidewalks and asphalt driveways. I think it’s kind of telling that Land’s End doesn’t sell that style anymore.

I compounded the insult to my toe by doing another 60 doors the next day. I was wearing better shoes this time, my Reeboks. I love these shoes, but they’re a bit past their prime, I should have replaced them at the start of the season.

Finally, Tuesday the 8th, I did 13 hours on my feet at Farmwell Station Middle School handing out sample ballots and lit for Cliff and Joy (again in the Reeboks). My toe is much better than it was, but it is decidedly NOT happy with me.

So remember folks, take your shoes seriously. If you’re going to pound the pavement, make sure your footwear is up to the job. Your toes will thank you.

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  1. GirlWithTheCane

    Yikes! Get yourself some good shoes! That looks terrible. :(

    My mom was a teacher and wore New Balance shoes for years for being on her feet all day…I love my Blundtstones for walking, but they *aren’t* warm…neither brand are cheap, but I get my Blundtstones when they go half-price and I can wear a pair for at least a couple of years…

    - Sarah

  2. Andrew Wexton

    Team Wexton appreciates your sacrifice! You will be on our Thanksgiving list of things and people we are thankful for.

    (And perhaps Stevens will pay attention and get you some sort of foot spa thingie as a holiday present.)

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