Oct 03

A First

I had the strangest experience yesterday. I was talking to a registered voter in the Oak Grove district about Cliff Keirce (Independent!) and then briefly talked about Jennifer Wexton and Mike Kondratick (Democrats!) and the voter said,

“What about the Republicans?”

And I said,

“Well, I haven’t got any of his literature, but I’m voting for Mike Chapman for Sheriff. He’s a Republican.”

And he said,

“So you’re supporting Republicans as well as Democrats and Independents?”

And I said,

“Yup! I’m not with any organization, I’m voting for all these folks and I hope you will, too.”

So, by my own rules, I hearby announce that I am endorsing Republican candidate for Sheriff, Mike Chapman.

This is the first time I’ve ever supported a Republican. Feels really weird, people.

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  1. Joe Budzinski

    I'm impressed.

  2. Liberal Anthropologist

    I am super impressed. Any reasons why?

  3. Anonymous

    Other leading Democrats are pushing for an official endorsement of Chapman.

    They have grave concerns about the two Independent candidates for Sheriff. Incumbent Sheriff Steve Simpson has come under fire for his management of the Sheriff’s Office and for his apparent ethical violations in campaign fundraising, among other things.

    Ron Speakman, who tried and failed to get the Republican nomination, has made clear he has neither the temperament nor the experience to lead the Sheriff’s Department. There also remain troubling questions about Mr. Speakman’s residency and whether he qualifies to be on the ballot, which Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman has failed to investigate.

    Some Democrats will put aside partisan politics to vote for Mike Chapman. He is clearly the best candidate for Sheriff, and together with Commonwealth's Attorney candidate Jennifer Wexton, they will form an outstanding bipartisan new leadership for Loudoun law enforcement

  4. Anonymous

    The question is which Republicans are tired enough of Jim Plowman's partisan handling of the CA's office and who will come out to support Wexton so we can finally have a law enforcement team that puts the enforcement of our laws ahead of personal or political gain?

  5. TestAnonComment

    Posting a test comment

  6. Jesse C.

    Hmmm…let's see. Do you vote for a person who's already been in office for a while, that people don't seem to like? Do you vote for a person that has not been in the police force for 20 years. Do you vote for a person that has been in the federal system for a long time? It's sort of funny that Speakman and Chapman are bashing each other. Simpson is probably just sitting back and laugh all the way to November.

  7. Lloyd the Idiot

    Let's see if it works this time.

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