Nov 07

The worst day of the year

Tomorrow is election day and so, of course, my son will be staying overnight tonight with a babysitter so that Stevens and I can be at our volunteer posts at 0530 in the cold, dark morning.

We’ll be at our posts all day (with a short break to go to our own polling place to vote), and then we’ll go to a watch party and, depending on how long it takes, we’ll probably be home after our son’s bedtime (his sitter will bring him to our house after his holiday camp’s field trip tomorrow, and stay there with him until we get home).

This is the part of being involved in elections I hate. Not seeing my son for two whole days (though I’m volunteering at the sitter’s polling place, so I’ll actually see him when she comes to vote).

There’s no doubt in my mind that what I’m doing is worth it, that this is how a democracy continues, that I’m teaching my son how much I value our system. But I’m not going to lie to you, Monday before an election when there’s a chance I may not see that sweet boy until Wednesday morning?

It’s the worst day of the year.

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