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Mar 07

Email Tag Greason!

I’ve been watching the General Assembly with great interest and now the session is drawing to a close, and I’ve been disturbed by what I’ve seen the GOP majority doing. 

As you know, I was proud to run as a pro-choice candidate for the House of Delegates last fall against Tag Greason, who …

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Apr 13

New job, new schedule, overwhelming amounts of info…

Okay, I’ve got a new job that’s been quite the time-suck and so I’ve been neglecting you folks.

Here’s what I’ve missed talking about:

  • I’m mad as hell that President Obama is negotiating away Social Security and other social safety net measures. The congressional republicans will a) never think it’s enough and b) will …

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Jun 05

Help build a home for LCpl Martinez in Purcellville

From my inbox:

Homes for Our Troops will be building at NO COST to the veteran a specially designed brand new home for a disabled veteran. The recipient of this new home will be Marine Lance Corporal Michael Martinez. LCpl Martinez was 5 months into his first deployment when he lost both of his …

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Nov 06

Anyone have a reliable pedometer for the iPhone?

I can’t get the Nike one to calibrate, and Footsteps paused after 2 miles.

In related news, I need better non-sandal walking shoes. 

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Sep 02

iPhone vs. Droid: The Views of a Reluctant Adopter, one day later.

So, 11 days ago, I got a Droid X2 to replace my Droid Eris, which died an ignoble death (dropped from a height onto uneven pavement. Smash).

So I went and got the Droid X2, and a serious protector for it.

The Droid X2 has a lot to recommend it. Large screen. Fast everything. On …

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Oct 16

Songs that make me think of other songs


and this:

and this:

always get me humming this:

What songs make you think of other songs?

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Aug 03

Whatever you’re interested in, Dick Francis has a book about it (Part 2)

Jewels and gadgets? StraightSurvival? Longshot and SmokescreenFilming a movie? Wild Horses and SmokescreenVeterinary? Comeback and BankerBloodstock industry? BankerBritish transport rules? Driving Force and Flying FinishTruck maintenance? Driving ForceAntiques? BonecrackToy making? High StakesArchitecture? DeciderGold mining? SmokescreenHow to hide something? To the HiltFilm editing? Break InGun manufacturing? BoltCockney rhyming slang? Driving Force

Tell me what you’re interested …

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Jul 26

Vacation in brief

NYC, y’all.New yarn.Visiting with friends.MM saw two movies and The Lion King.Lego Store.Sushi.Swimming.Sesame Place.

Any questions?

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Jul 12

Cooked this weekend:

  • Fritatta made with eggs, cheese, potatoes, chorizo, onions, and fresh herbs from our garden (for a pot-luck barbeque)
  • Brioche (my first! From How To Cook Everything). Came out beautifully and was really very easy. It went very well with my BIL’s homemade strawberry jam.
  • Pesto (from Good Food Gourmet) using sunflower seeds instead …

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Jun 22

What he’s reading on his own

He went back and read the first Encyclopedia Brown book on his own again. He’s been reading the Jokelopedia. And he’s working his way through the Bananagrams for Kids book (good word games there.)

On the “next up” list is a pack of books my mom sent him which includes: A Wrinkle in Time (I …

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